Acer launches Windows 8 tablet

Acer announced the launch of two tablet models that work with Windows 8 operating system, including ICONIA W510 hybrid tablet that needs to use up to three modes of operation, and ICONIA W700 full HD Windows 8 tablet that comes with large 11.6 inch touch screen with a cradle that is very elegant. Both models are designed to meet the ergonomic and easy to use. Which for the W510 is a 10.1-inch touch screen tablet runs three applications are touch (screen), type (keyboard) and watch (view). In addition to using as a tablet, then it can work seamlessly. Its keyboard can be removed. The battery can operate for up to 18 hours, and you can also use as a presentation mode smoothly.

Acer W700 is a tablet that comes with a versatile cradle. It can be several degree angles for watching video, or presentation, and can be used on flat ground, allowing the use of the experience more enjoyable. The cradle can be used to bear the tablet in portrait or landscape as required. W700 also comes with a screen size 11.6 inch full HD display, and USB 3.0 ports for connecting devices. There is also come with a home theater audio system that provides realistic sound.