5 reasons to choose Nokia Lumia 920

When the five highlights of Nokia Lumia 920 compared to iPhone 5. I would say that it is clearly superior!

The first highlight is the display screen of Nokia Lumia 920 that up to 4.5 inches, resolution of 1280x768 pixels, can touch the screen to use even with gloves by a touch-sensitive feature. While iPhone 5 screen size is 4 inches, resolution of 1136x640 pixels. When calculating the density of pixels per inch, Nokia Lumia 920 is sharper than the retina display of iPhone 5.

Nokia Lumia 920 camera look better than other smart phones, with Optical Image Stabilization technology that come come together let you take photos while on the move by without shaking. There also has PureView technology allows you to capture image or video in low light with high quality. Which is not only superior to iPhone 5 camera, but also outperforms the camera on smart phones.

Windows Phone 8 operating system on Nokia Lumia 920 allows using on the smart phone is very smooth, Live Tile interface allows you to receive information about events as soon as the screen comes up, can also customized according to your preference. This includes variety of applications that can easily integrate with PCs running Windows 8. In a sense, it is a definite change, while the main interface of iPhone 5 is still same old style, and just add one icon row.

The body has many colors to choose such as blue, red, gray, white and black. While other smart phones or iPhone 5 are only two colors such as white and black.