Google updates map details in Thailand

Google announced that the company had updated the map in Thailand to improve the accuracy and coverage. The update also includes Indonesia.

The updating a large map in Southeast Asia by Google as part of the project "Ground Truth" that began in 2008. It is a project which Google want to update the online world map to provide comprehensive and accurate as possible by using high-quality map data from around the world combined with advanced methods from the satellite, aerial images and Street View to offer maps that are very close to reality as potential. Google gives the updating example that there is much more information in the center of Bangkok. If you want to find the path of a ferry or speedboat, there will have the details and landmarks were defined.

Google also adds information in the map, such as a sign local language, highlights areas of the park or forest, as well as routes in other provinces. If you find any errors in the map, you can report the problem by clicking the link "report a problem" at the bottom right corner of the map.