Google+ Hangouts new chat application

Another one of Google's new service from Google I/O event is Google+ Hangouts, which at this time has been transformed to a new look very interesting.

Google+ Hangouts is a new chat application that replaced Google Talk, a service integration between Google+ with Hangouts, which received support from teams of Android, Chrome and Google+.

The main feature of Google+ Hangouts is a chat service that can work across platforms, whether it be through a computer, smart phone or tablet. This service will connect to Gmail service to allow users able to chat with friends in a Google+ account and have Emoji over 850 designs to enhance the conversation. A conversation that user chats with friends will be stored into the cloud system, allowing users to view the conversation history at a later time, as well as a message you send to friends, or Hangouts with whom and when.

Additionally, Google+ Hangouts can be also set up a group video conference up to 10 people, and it is a chat application that can help to talk with friends as a group without connect. Android and iOS users can download in Google Play and App Store.