Google SmartWatch is being created

Even Sundar Pichai, the fresh head of Android will say that Google I/O event in 2013 to cater on app developers in Android and Chrome instead of launching Androdi 5.0 or new hardware, there are also new devices from Google will be gradually released, such as smart phones, tablets, and devices that is being speculated is Google SmartWatch.

Industrial technology, equipment wear that is expanding results of various major companies will use the golden opportunity to produce a device for wear on the body, such as SmartWatch, which Apple, Samsung and Google will turn to catch the market as well. Recently, it was revealed that Google's SmartWatch is not only a rumor because Google has given the creator SmartWatch to Motorola, its subsidiaries. The report also states that the prototype of SmartWatch in three offices in three countries, including Germany, Berlin, Manchester, England, and Mountain View, United States.