New Google Maps in Google I/O

If we refer to the new look of Google Maps that is the most prominent in Google I/O may not be surprising from today because everyone probably knew that the design and plenty of features turn Google Maps became the most intelligent map service. It also supports applications on the desktop, iPad and Android.

In the start screen of Google Maps, the map has been expanded to fill the screen, there is a search bar in the upper left. When a user specifies a desired place, the system will display that location, description, rating, reviews from Zagat, and users can visit inside some buildings via Google Street View. Users can also choose the place based on talking with your friends in Google+ for the best results in the search system.

More important, the new Google Maps has linked Google Earth and Google Street View together. If your web browser supports WebGL, such as Google Chrome, the feature can be used effectively, so that you can see locations in 3D and 360 degrees. It is also possible to zoom up to the outside world.

Equally important is the route search, Google Maps will still use the same routing but to compare with the transport, such as the distance and duration of travel, as well as emergency alerts through route, and avoid having to take another route for your speedy and safe travel.