Outlook already supported Google Talk

Microsoft's efforts to improve Outlook.com service to strengthen equal or stronger than Gmail service from Google several months ago, but what many people may never think has appeared when Microsoft has included Google Talk service into Outlook.

According to Microsoft's announcement indicated that Google Talk service will cover Outlook.com, SkyDrive, and Office Web Apps, which allows users to chat in real time with friends who have a Google account. The startup is Outlook clients must connect friends list from Google's account to Microsoft's account, then the user can talk with friends in Google's system immediately by chat screen will appear on the right side.

Google Talk is a communication service in real-time, support for group chats, capable of voice communication over the Internet or simply called that talking like phone calls over the Internet.

Although Microsoft had previously said that one in three Outlook service users move from Gmail service, if you look at the advantages of adding Google Talk, you will know that it results in Outlook can be used across multiple chat services, as well as the channel access to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, on the other side, it may cause some customers to know the advantages of Google and change to use Gmail service.