LG shows UX 4.0 G4

Earlier, there was rumored that LG will launch G4 late April. Now, LG was gradually releasing parts of the G4 gears such as new QHD screen, which is expected to run on G4. And Today, it is LG UX 4.0 G4.

The video is purely Korean language, but just watch the pictures, you can see them. The first half of the video tells the history of LG UX 1.0-3.0 which featured innovations such as tapping the screen to unlock the device. The new features of LG UX 4.0 include...
*The vertical widget screen, similar to Google Now.
*Three camera modes: easy, normal, and professional.
*Integration of multiple widget in one widget.
*Press the volume button on the back 2 times to take a picture.

The launch event for the LG G4 is scheduled for April 28, 2015.
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